Beverly Hills

Nathan Slate Joseph

Spices and Silk

May 31 – June 29, 2008

About This Exhibition

Nathan Slate Joseph developed the unique stylistic methodology of producing his steel paintings during the 1970s. His affinity for industrial urban materials and simplified forms has remained a constant throughout his career. He has always strived to carve out an aesthetic identity that goes beyond the overt visual effect of real objects. Joseph is aware of the alarming pace of degradation and exploitation of the natural world and began harnessing nature's forces in the creation of his art.

Joseph applies pure pigments to sheets of zinc-galvanized steel and then exposes them to the elements. He aids the oxidation process using various methods and adds raw pigments to the rusted metal surfaces, thus producing a chromatic intensity. With these sheets, Joseph produces compositions rich in surface detail and color - works that are both wall sculptures and painted reliefs. The strong emphasis on the construction of the compositions as well as the coloration of the sheets blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

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