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East / West

Hong Kong Grand Opening

May 9 – June 14, 2008

Sohan Qadri, Dhyana, 2005, Ink & dye on paper, 64 x 48"
Sohan Qadri, Dhira, 2005, Ink & dye on paper, 64 x 48"
Natvar Bhavsar, ALPAA, 2005, Pure pigment on canvas, 45 x 108"
Nathan Slate Joseph, Moon River Buddhi, 2006, Pure pigment on galvanized steel, 92 x 26 x 18.5"
Nathan Slate Joseph, The Dream at Mangalam, 2006, Pure pigment on galvanized steel, 98 x 32 x 17"

Press Release

SUNDARAM TAGORE GALLERY is pleased to announce the opening of its third location in Hong Kong. Representing artists who explore East-West and intercultural dialogue, New York-based Sundaram Tagore Gallery is delighted to have the support of Hong Kong and the art community in Asia in its expansion.

The new Sundaram Tagore Gallery is located in the heart of Hong Kong's art district, and occupies 2,000 square feet at 57-59 Hollywood Road (G/F and 1/F). The gallery hopes to create an important space – one that will add to the exploding art scene that is fanning out all over Asia.

Gallerist Sundaram Tagore says, "I am very excited to be here. I have been visiting Hong Kong for decades and have always felt an affinity for the city because of its stunning location and mix of cultures. It is a truly cosmopolitan place where anyone can immediately feel at home. Hong Kong has always been among the world's truly international cities, so, with our global philosophy and twenty-four artists who each explore intercultural dialogue, it's a perfect fit."

Tagore adds "As the only global gallery that has opened in Hong Kong, we know that the city has an incredibly international and culturally sophisticated audience from all over the world. Following a successful opening with an overwhelming response in February in Beverly Hills, we are looking forward to continuing our tradition of unique artistic colloquy."