NY | Madison Avenue


January 21 – February 25, 2017

About This Exhibition

Taking the Lunar New Year as its inspiration, this group exhibition explores the moon in its rhythm and regeneration in the practices of four gallery artists: Miya Ando, Ricardo Mazal, Sohan Qadri and Susan Weil.


Mexican-born artist Ricardo Mazal's series of abstract paintings are a result of his examinations into the sacred burial rituals of three diverse cultures, each of which embrace spiritual regeneration in alliance with the natural world. The moon-like mandalas of Miya Ando, a descendant of Bizen sword makers, shimmer with celestial energy, creating a moment of quiet  contemplation. The vibrantly colored minimalist works of artist, poet and Tantric guru Sohan Qadri were produced while the artist was in a rhythmic trance, focused on opposing forces, such as creation and destruction, and as was typical of the yogi-artist, with reverence to the mysteries of the universe. Finally, American artist Susan Weil uses lunar themes throughout her practice to refer to the constant regeneration of nature. Perhaps a symbol of feminine power, these illuminated works further call upon the moon’s connection with the human body. 


For more information, email gallery@sundaramtagore.com or call 212-288-2889. 

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