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Sundaram Tagore Gallery

4 Cromwell Place


South Kensington, London SW7 2JE

Press Release

Please join us for the launch of our London gallery. Click to RSVP


We’re opening with a new series of paintings by Hiroshi Senju (b. 1958, Tokyo). The New York-based artist is renowned for his monumental waterfall images installed in public spaces and museums around the world.


“Although I have deep-rooted ties to London and we have always had a strong client base in the city, there is simply no substitute for having an enduring physical presence,” says Sundaram Tagore. “I believe the best way to experience art—particularly the kind of tactile, process-driven art that we show—is to stand in front of it. We couldn’t be more delighted to bring Hiroshi Senju and our global group of artists to this dynamic, international city.”


In the new body of work Senju has created especially for London, the artist breathes new energy into his iconic black-and-white falls, suffusing them with color. Seen together, these immersive works celebrate a universal human experience—the power of the natural world to evoke awe and wonder.Please join us for cocktails to celebrate our London launch and new work by Hiroshi Senju


Click here to browse the artist’s solo exhibition Hiroshi Senju: There Is Still a Light.


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