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Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 West 27th Street

Press Release

Please join us for an exhibition featuring mixed-media works by ten of Southeast Asia's most important artists. Hailing from six countries, the emerging and established artists in this group use photography, video, painting and installations to articulate their experiences navigating the complex social, historical and political legacies of their respective communities.

Each of these artists has a unique perspective colored by local circumstances, but, as the title of the show implies, they are united by a sense of urgency in re-examining social and political developments in their countries and their impact on cultural identity. The resulting works provide a rare glimpse into the consciousness of a new generation of Southeast Asian artists.

The Artists: Kim Hak | Leang Seckon | Mit Jai Inn | Montri Toemsombat | Norberto Roldan | Nge Lay | Aung Ko | Albert Yonathan Setyawan | Muhammad “Ucup" Yusuf | Tran Luong


NY | Chelsea
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