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Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 5 Lock Road 01–05, Gillman Barracks

Press Release

Please join us for the opening of an exhibition of work by Korean artists Kim Joon and Hosook Kang, both of whom are known for projecting images as they see them in their imaginations, incorporating elements from Korean artistic tradition with contemporary Western visual language.

New York-based painter Hosook Kang combines bold action painting and steady mark-making to produce fanciful, abstracted landscapes. Rendered in vibrant colors of orange, red, fuchsia, blue and gold, Kang’s large-scale canvases depict nature as she sees it in her imagination. Her undulating ripples of color, formed from intricate dot patterns and meticulous gestural brushstrokes, dissipate across the surface of the canvas suggesting nature’s transformative energy.

Kim Joon, who is based in Seoul, creates digital prints, exploring themes of desire, memory and fragility. A master of the computer software 3D Studio Max, Kim composes richly detailed tableaux using digitally rendered porcelain and tattooed human bodies, successfully juxtaposing traditional Asian motifs, Western Pop references and luxury brand logos. A selection of work from his Bird Land, Fragile, Drunken, Blue Jean Blues and Island series will be on view.


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