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Kamolpan Chotvichai was born in 1986 in Bangkok, where she currently lives. She received her MFA degree at Silpakorn University, Bangkok, and has since been awarded numerous art prizes and scholarships.

Chotvichai challenges the limitations of paper in her artwork through the use of simple tools. One of her techniques is cutting, to dissolve her own image, which is printed on paper. It’s based on the Buddha’s teachings on anatta (no self).

Kamolpan Chotvichai has participated in numerous exhibitions and won many prizes and bursaries, including first prize (printmaking) in the 58th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok, 2012.

Her most recent solo exhibition was EMPTINESS, Ardel Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, 2013. Group exhibitions include Anthropos Bangkok, Numthong Gallery, 2013; Anthropos: Navigating Human Depth in Thai and Singapore Contemporary Art, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore, 2013; The 4th Contemporary Young Artists Exhibiton, Los Angeles, 2013; and the International Women Arts Exhibition Lights of Women, Gwangju Museum of Art Kum Namro Wing, Metro Gallery, Korea, 2012.

Chotvichai was invited to participate in ON PAPERS, a paper art workshop that was part of ON PAPERS—Paper & Nature exhibition at Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo.

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